Theo Pak

I’m a software engineer at Hubspot

I like to make software products that help people do hard things more easily

Lately my focus is on improving user experience by improving developer experience

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Theo Pak

selected work

Cimpress Open Developer Portal I helped make a central catalog of APIs at Cimpress so that teams could visualize the benefits of adopting standards and the reach of each other's impact. The catalog eventually became the Cimpress Open Developer Portal which today has over a hundred listings used by developers in the company worldwide, plus one API that I helped open to the public. swagger-ui-cimpress This is the open-source developer tool that Cimpress Open uses for all API References. I created this fork because I was frustrated that swagger-ui, the most popular open source API self-documentation tool, is not also the best API self-documentation tool. react-parallax-card React component for a 3D card with parallax effects similar to Apple TV app icons. Walk With Me The security of your best friends, even when they're not around. Facebook and Uber prizes at PennApps X hackathon. Picks for iPhone Find your best pictures and get rid of the rest. Top 10 at PennApps W15 hackathon. Interactive visualization of drought, rainfall patterns, and US agriculture. Angular.js app with Altan Gulen. RPI EHC I did talks and organized events while President of the Embedded Hardware Club at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


JWT Authentication in a Web Service

Using services based on open standards, you can stand on the shoulders of existing infrastructure to secure your API. And it’s so easy that an end-to-end demo fits on this page.

Have Fun at Hackathons

You can win huge cash prizes by exploiting hackathons—and that’s not even hard—but the way to maximize your return on time isn’t a trick at all: meet new people, have fun, and maybe ship a product.


Theo Pak

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